What Does Real Estate Look Like In 2023?

So, USA Today published an article in their December 7th issue titled “The 10 best real estate markets of 2023: Goodbye COVID boomtowns, hello mid-sized markets” written by Swapna Venugopal Ramaswamy. In this article Ms. Ramaswamy highlights the challenges of the last quarter of 2022 with rising interest rates and still low inventory causing rising house prices as reasons we faced a slow down and shift in the market. All true, and you’ve probably noticed a slow down in your own area. However, she further states that mid-sized areas may have slowed, but haven’t shut down. In fact, her prediction is that mid-sized markets will remain steady and active in 2023. Specifically, there are 10 markets to keep an eye on for real estate growth.

The GOOD NEWS for the Augusta, GA area is that we are on the list! Whoot! Yes, the Augusta, GA and North Augusta, SC real estate market is projected to grow! Home sales are expected to see an 6.2% increase and an increase in home prices of 5.7%. Great news for our area!

To read the full article, Click on the USA Today logo.

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