A New Beginning

It’s 2023. The last few years have been amazing in many ways – some good, some not so good. But what have we actually been able to accomplish? We had the opportunity to spend more time with our families. We learned that we can work remotely, and with that live wherever we want. We realigned many of our priorities, and had to learn new things. We were thrown out of our comfort zones and had to learn to adapt, grow, change, and pivot.

So here we are in our new year in, perhaps a new place. That’s terrific! And with each new year we shed the past and move forward.  Keep the good memories and let go of the bad. Keep our gratitude and let go of the anger. Keep our hopes and let go of our disappointments. Always looking and moving forward.

Some make resolutions. You know, to lose weight, to work out, to save more money, to eat better, to whatever. Do you make resolutions? I don’t. I’ve always found that resolutions are too easy to release. Well, I can’t make it to the gym today (or tomorrow, or the next day). Well, it takes a lot of effort to make salads and I don’t have the time to eat them on the run. Well, I tried to lose weight but with such a busy schedule I usually just hit the drive-thru.

What if instead of making resolutions, you set goals. Go on, get out your calendar and set a date and a schedule (it’s called a plan). For example, by June 1st you want to have dropped 20 pounds. Well, that’s a loss of 3.3 pounds per month, or 0.8 pounds a week. Can you lose .8 pounds a week? Perhaps that’s a couple of salads for lunch during the week. Saying “no” to the french fries at the drive-thru. Saying no to the daily venti caramel latte, and maybe yes to a weekly tall. It may be harder than that, of course, but broken down, it’s easier to achieve.

So goals. I set goals and don’t make resolutions. My goals for this year are numerous and I’ve scheduled my 1st quarter on a monthly, weekly, daily basis to chip away at the goals to get there piece by piece, bit by bit, little by little. Hopefully, you’ll follow along with me to see if I hit my goals, or better, surpass them! And what are your goals?

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