Heroes Program

We are fortunate to have so very many Heroes in our midst and they come in all different callings. I participate in the Heroes Program through my brokerage, Blanchard and Calhoun, and Leading RE Companies, as a way to say thank you to all those heroes who have sacrificed for us. When you are looking to buy or sell, you need to use a REALTOR®, like me, who honors Heroes and participates in the program.


How Does It Work?

Basically, your rebate is a percentage of the
commission I get paid. So, let’s do some math!

For example, you close on your home for $300,000. A typical commission on one side is 3%, or $9,000. The rebate is 20% of that commission! Your rebate would be $1,800 to use at closing toward closing costs, appliances, upgrades, or paying down a credit card.

Who is a Hero?

  • Active Military
  • Former Military
  • Retired Military
  • Military Families
  • Wounded Warriors
  • DoD Employees
  • Teachers
  • Active Firefighters
  • Active Healthcare Workers
  • Active Law Enforcement
  • Active First Responders
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