Selling is emotional and that is the most important thing to understand. This has been the home you’ve lived in and the walls hold your memories. I listen to my seller clients to understand what their expectations and hopes are.

Selling a home has a lot of moving parts and can feel stressful, especially if you are a First-time Seller. What is the best time to list your house? Should you have a home inspection before listing? What is a good price point for my home? How long will it take to sell my house? What sorts of repairs requests can I expect? I’m sure you have many more questions too.

The very first step in selling a home is to get your home in the absolute best condition you can. Take care of those deferred maintenance issues. The second step is making sure the curb appeal is attractive. A first impression is important. The third step is to make sure the house inside is as clean and decluttered as possible. Consult with your Realtor to find out what you need to do to get top dollar.

How you list your home will effect how your home shows and sells. What will be the listing terms? How will your home be marketed? These tings your Realtor will also review with you so you can be sure to maximize the showings and therefore offers on your house.

I consult with my seller clients to merge their hopes and expectations with what may need to be done to meet those hopes and expectations. I educate them on how the listing terms and marketing will reflect those expectations. How we present your home makes a huge impact on how it is received.

Finally, pricing your home. Home pricing is based on a number of factors that I research and review with my seller clients to provide you with the best price range for your market and listing conditions.

Once your home is under contract there will be a number of items that will continue to be negotiated and things that have to happen in a timely manner. I will help you navigate those decisions and make sure that you stay on time with the tasks.

Finally, you will be closing on your old house and moving on to a new home! The title company, or here in Georgia, the closing attorney, will provide for you closing documents with lots of numbers. I will step you through those numbers so that you understand the disbursement of your mortgage, escrow, and money due to close. I will also let you know what to expect and attend closing with you should there be any questions that come up during the transaction. Please contact me for more information or any questions you may have. And contact me to schedule you Seller Consultation today.