Military personnel and their families can have special PCS needs. There are times when there are travel restrictions, like during Covid, when house hunting in person isn’t possible. Or if you are returning from OCONUS and need a home to move into as soon as you land. Sometimes orders are not received until the last minute and just when you’re getting ready to PCS to Maryland, you find yourself last minute looking at Hawaii. You need a Military Relocation Professional who is able to video tour homes for you if you can’t see them in person, and is flexible to handle the speed of your home search or listing preparation.

What is your housing allowance?

And, although each base has a fantastic network for connecting incoming troops and families to the community, it helps to have a Military Relocation Professional who can also help in that regard. You need a realtor who can help you find a veterinarian, grocery store, and the post office. you need a realtor who can provide information about the neighborhoods and the amenities each one has. You need a professional able to work in your time needs to give you a smooth transition.

Fort Gordon is here in Augusta. It is a Multi-service installation hosting all branches of the military. It is the home of the US Army Signal Corps, Army Cyber Command and Cyber Center of Excellence. As a Military Relocation Professional, I have worked with military families to buy and sell their homes and as a Military Relocation Professional, I’m honored to help you with your PCS needs.